About Us

Where did you hatch from?

It was one of those Wisconsin summer days (you know what we are talking about: when your beer label peels itself off in fewer than five minutes) when we started MilwaukeeShirtGuys.com in 2005 in a Milwaukee basement. We’ve since relocated into a shop environment continuing to have a blast creating designs and printing gear for you. Since we’re located in Southeastern Wisconsin, you can be sure our designs are organically from Wisconsin. We are die-hard Wisconsin sports fans cheering, cringing, and partying for all the same sporting events with you.


Just who are you guys?

As the name suggests, MilwaukeeShirtGuys.com is operated by two friends and Milwaukeeans.



Troy Schaefer, co-owner

Troy Schaefer, co-owner

Fun fact: Troy Schaefer has a black belt in karate. Hiiii-yah! He is a Harley Davidson aficionado.

Ross Salchow, co-owner

Ross Salchow, co-owner

Fun Fact: Ross Salchow previously operated a television camera for CBS 58 news. He also hosts brewery tours at Great Lakes Distillery. Questions about how whiskey is made or how to choose a great brand? Ask Ross! Be ready to take notes.

What can I expect from you?

We are passionate about designing shirts and celebrating the Wisconsin lifestyle. Therefore, our goal is to bring you high-quality shirts with great service, and possibly a side of laughter. Cheers!

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